New Builds


Are you building a new home and are looking for a builder with experience in new builds? Do you want a builder who will support your project and provide advice and assistance throughout each stage in addition to expert building work? Do you want to find a builder who is passionate about delivering exceptional construction standards and high levels of service?

We can help at Transformation Builders. We have experience of building new houses covering the North Shore, and Rodney areas. Our building experience covers a range of property types, including traditional homes, contemporary houses, and more modern properties.

Each member of our team is skilled and experienced, and we are fully certified. We’ll fully project manage your build, and we can look after it from start to finish. You’ll get a competitive quote when you come to us too. So, let’s get the conversation started – get in touch today.

Our Process for New Builds

Initial Consultation

When you first get in touch, we’ll arrange a date and time to visit you, ideally at the site of the new build project. We’ll get an understanding of the space, and we’ll review any sketches or plans you have. Don’t worry if you don’t have any, though, as we can help with this part of the project, recommending architects and contributing to the design process.

We’ll also find out more about what you want to achieve as well as the budget you have to spend. We’ll be able to provide advice on a range of areas, including how to ensure the build comes in under your budget.


We’ll use the initial plans that have been created for your project to provide you with an estimate for the work. We’ll use our knowledge and experience in the industry to ensure this estimate is as accurate as possible.

We can also work with your architect to help in the development of construction drawings and with the building consent process.


Once final drawings are prepared, we can provide you with a quote. If you are happy with the quote, we’ll create a contract to ensure everyone knows where they stand.


From this point, we’ll start planning the work. This is where our project management expertise kicks in as we start scheduling the build, arranging subcontractors, and liaising with suppliers.

Work on Site

We’ll look after all the work on-site, communicating with you regularly to ensure you are kept fully informed of progress. We’ll make sure the build stays on track, and that quality standards are maintained.

Any variations at this stage of the project will be fully costed and approved by you before the work is carried out to ensure there are no surprises.

Final Quality Checks and Handover

Once the build is complete, we’ll conduct final quality checks and a walk around with you to ensure you are completely happy.

Get in Touch

To speak to us about new builds and about your project, please get in touch with us today.