Minor Dwellings

At Transformation Builders, we have extensive experience building minor dwellings. They are a popular choice for many homeowners that want additional space and/or a home and income on their property. There are regulations, but we can help ensure they are fully complied with and make sure you get the most out of the allowed 65m2. 

It can be separate from your existing property, but it doesn’t have to as self contained dwellings can also be attached or even within your existing home.

When you come to us, we’ll handle everything, including connecting utility services, and we can look after your project from start to finish.


Sleepouts are the ideal solution if you want to add a new bedroom for a growing teenager or for use as a guest room. Sleepouts can also be used as short-stay accommodation or rental accommodation to provide you with additional income. They can have one or two bedrooms, and they can be up to 30m2 without the need for building consent.

They are also an excellent and less disruptive alternative to building an extension. To find out more about our experience building sleepouts, get in touch.

Tiny Homes

The tiny homes movement is becoming more and more popular in North Shore and Rodney. They are about a new way of living where you focus on what’s important, reducing your footprint and the energy you use. You can also save money and time.

If the tiny homes lifestyle is for you, and you want to build, get in touch with us.